Modern Parenthood – Balancing Responsibilities and Careers ?

Working Parent
Modern Parenthood – Balancing Responsibilities and Careers ? 4.36/5 (87.19%) 64 votes

Most of the working women might be familiar with the soda rule as we call it. No homemade yogurt, no crafted cupcakes, nor super creativity in any party, but just the work for the whole day. This is not to blame ; it is the situation of almost every working woman.  There are many such things which cannot be avoided by this working class and it is not just a class party.

We sometimes think that it would be better if one of the parents to be not working and taking care of other things. This is not only to take care of the kids but also to pack lunch, planning a dentist appointment, ordering/shopping for groceries,attend parent teacher meeting, scheduling tuition, and so on. Working parents might not be able to concentrate on all of these things as they concentrate more on work much than home.

Sociology – Knowledge,Humanity and Culture

Sociology Baccalaureate
Sociology – Knowledge,Humanity and Culture 4.38/5 (87.65%) 34 votes

When you take up a college education you are better prepared to be a citizen as well as for a career ahead. Of course most of society believes in the importance of a college education in order to spend the time and the money that needs to be invested in a four year baccalaureate degree. But what are the new attainments from the college curriculum that a student actually gains?

You could consider sociology ! In this stream there were more than 26,500 sociology baccalaureate degrees that were awarded in the year 2009 in the US universities and many times that number of students is taking up a course in sociology or is choosing a major or a minor degree in this field. Among these forty three percent were students of color who were awarded these degrees. That is a percent that has gone up by thirty percent from the year 1995. The data has been culminated from the American Sociological Association. There are many sociology graduates today. Is that a good thing? In what ways is sociology as a subject for major helpful to undergraduates? Does this discipline contribute to the knowledge and the skills of undergraduates to prepare them for a productive career and to become a citizen and a leader in a fast changing world?

Reduce Frequency Of Migraine Through Lifestyle Changes

Reduce Frequency Of Migraine Through Lifestyle Changes 4.34/5 (86.88%) 32 votes

Dr. Robert Sheeler, working at the Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minnesota in the United States says that people who suffer from frequent migraines needs to adopt a few lifestyle changes in order to reduce the number of times that migraine hits them. The severity of the migraines will also be reduced with these lifestyle changes.

Migraine is one type of moderate or severe headache that you feel normally on one side of your head. You will experience excruciating or persistent pain in your head which increases as you carry out rigorous physical and/or mental activities. Some of the symptoms of migraine are: vomiting, photophobia and sensitivity of smells. The first warning sign of the presence of migraine is felt by a few people when they see some sort of bright flashes or spots or even blurring of vision occurring in their eyes. Migraines are found to be more common in women and it is said that 18% of women and 6% of men experience bouts of migraine in a year.

Working Late vs Personal Life?

Working Late vs Personal Life
Working Late vs Personal Life? 4.05/5 (80.93%) 43 votes

It is seen that most of the people work long hours and might delay themselves while reaching home. This might be because they love their work, they have commitment or just because they are forced to finish the work. These things are very common and the choice might be different for different people. This makes one know that working because one loves their work is a good way of leading a life. But for those who are working to finish their deadlines might help the company and give some respect to the profession they are in. On the other hand, for those who are in the situation where they are working as they need to work might be facing some big problems later. It is seen that for those who work forcefully might suffer with a heart attack in later days. This is because of the pressure that is put on them.

Here is another aspect every person has to deal through. People might be working for pleasure or for pain but the consequence they need to face will be from both the end. If not working properly, the boss might take a charge on them doing if not reached home on time; it’s the turn of family members to take in charge. This makes one find a difficult situation to face each day. There are many people who work overtime and they will try to make it normal. Once a person plans to stretch the working hours, it is important to stick to it. This is possible only when that person loves the work they do. This sticking to them helps them to get that time as a normal working hour rather than the previous time schedule.

What’s Behind Your Moods and Moral Decisions ?

standing silence
What’s Behind Your Moods and Moral Decisions ? 4.38/5 (87.65%) 34 votes

If you had gone through the research edition of the journal Cognition, you would have across the news that a group of German researchers have found out that moods of people might strongly control how people react to sudden emergencies. There has been a general observation in literature concerning decision making and the moral judgment, but this new research has found an answer to the ever looming question “What is mechanism behind the fact that a person’s moods are responsible for the moral decisions that he makes?”

There have been earlier researches that have shown that certain areas of the brain that is responsible for taking care of the emotional information in you will be strongly engaged when it comes to personal moral decisions than the actions that it does when you encounter impersonal moral decisions. It was concluded through the research  that emotions was the one that was donning the superior role when it came to personal moral judgments and the reasoning part of the brain did not even interfere in personal moral decisions.

Overcome Stress and Strains with Positive Affirmations

Self Affirmative
Overcome Stress and Strains with Positive Affirmations 4.45/5 (88.95%) 38 votes

If you are a person who is suffering from high stress and mental tension problems, then you will be able to have a better problem solving attitude if you just step aside and think about something that is quite important to the problem at hand. A new research has provided evidence that self- affirmation is the best tool that will help in reducing the stress that you go through when you need to solve difficult problems from time to time.

Self- affirmation is nothing but the process of understanding, identifying as well as focusing on the most important values that you possess which will help you to take care of all your problems and to find suitable solutions to them. The new findings published in PLOS ONE is sure to help with further research and will also guide the progress of educational involvements.

Which Is Better A Large Family Or A Nuclear Family?

Family Size Planning
Which Is Better A Large Family Or A Nuclear Family? 4.40/5 (88.00%) 35 votes

About 3to 4 decades ago there were mostly large families. The size of the family has shrunken in the past decade. There are positive and negative aspects of having large and small family. Though we cannot control the size of the family we come from at least we can decide the size of the family we are going to start. Some of you may have a quiet upbringing as a single child or you might have enjoyed the chaos of living with many siblings. Some of you might want to enjoy the quiet life and some may want to have a large family to share your happy moments in life.

Advantages Of Large Family
Many people believe that living in a large family is advantageous.

  • You will learn to share things in your life and respect each other when you are in a big family.
  • There will be many people for you to love and share your happiness as well as the fears.
  • There will be many people to love you and take care of you.

Lingerie for Men ? Gorgeous Guys Stand Up

men lingerie
Lingerie for Men ? Gorgeous Guys Stand Up 4.53/5 (90.64%) 47 votes

Well, if you had thought that lingerie are only for women to wear and only they will look gorgeous in attractive lingerie, then you need to start to rethink now. Yes, there is a firm called HommeMystere that has now come up with lingerie, that always used to be adorned by women, to be used on men as well.

How About Men’s Bras And Panties?
We have all heard about men’s briefs and vests. But, little would have anyone imagined that an Australian firm would suddenly come up with a panty for a man and that too a perfect product for a man. They do not just stop with the perfect sized men panties but the company also manufactures the perfect sized bra for men whose straps do not fall off the shoulders of men. There is a wide range of bras and panties and full set lingerie for men that are available from HomeeMystere including padded bras and thongs that is sure to change the way men would wear their underwear from now on.

Do You Take In Fast Foods Quite Often?

fastfood diet
Do You Take In Fast Foods Quite Often? 4.22/5 (84.44%) 27 votes

One question that lingers in the mind of a foodie is “how often can I eat fast foods?” To understand this question it is very important for you to know the reasons why you crave for fast foods. People usually love to binge on nasty foods which are just the fast foods that you Come Across On The Streets.

Why Eat Food?
One of the main reasons why people eat food is to get nourished and to satisfy their hunger. Food is one of the most important things that you need in order to live as it gives you the energy to carry out your daily activities without any problem. But, it is important for you to take in food that contains the right amount of nutrients that your body wants on a day to day basis and this is the reason why we see a lot of people suggest you to go for a healthy diet. But, in this fast pace world nobody has the time to concentrate on a healthy diet and most of the people would try to grab at some food that comes their way. These foods that you catch hold of from anywhere in the street would be a fast food and it is one food that falls in the harmful food category. These foods are harmful only if you eat them on a regular basis.

fastfood diet
Dieticians And Fast Food  

Aerial Sprays To Control Caterpillar ?

Aerial Sprays To Control Caterpillar
Aerial Sprays To Control Caterpillar ? 3.95/5 (79.00%) 20 votes

Aerial Sprays To Control Caterpillar
According to Butterfly Conservation and Bug life officials the aerial sprays used by the Forestry Commission to kill the toxic caterpillar of oak recessionary moth has affected the birds, insects and bats in Berkshire woodland. Though the butterfly conservation suspect the presence of caterpillars in the area, the forestry Commission said that they had strong reason to suspect the presence of the caterpillar larvae. The caterpillar feeds on the oak tree leaves and this was the first aerial spraying in the UK. The aerial spraying was done as it was considered more effective than the ground treatments as the caterpillars are present on the trees. Alison Field, of the Forestry Commission, said that they had to take this step as the caterpillar has reached the country through imported trees and hence there were no natural predators to control this caterpillar in this area.

Chances Of Breeding
The pesticide Bacillus Thuringiensis was sprayed to kill the caterpillars. The hair of the caterpillars contains toxins which can cause itchy rashes and throat and eye irritations. After feeding on oak tree leaves these caterpillars produce silken nests on the trunks or branches of the trees. The commission has destroyed the nests last year and this was a precautionary spray to target any nests which had escaped detection last year. According to the commission the moths might have emerged from the nests which have escaped detection and might have established a breeding population. Butterfly Conservation’s Mark Parsons is of opinion that the pesticide used will not only kill the dangerous caterpillar but also a wide range of moth and butterfly larvae. He added that the birds will not get enough food when the caterpillars are destroyed and this will affect the local bird population which will be feeding their young ones. Spring moths are the food for bats coming out of hibernation and the absence of moths will also affect the bats.

Cruise Industry Adopts “Passenger Rights Bill”

Cruise Industry Adopts “Passenger Rights Bill” 3.75/5 (75.00%) 16 votes

Help For Passengers

Cruise industry is trying to remove the negative publicity it is facing for the past few months due to the problems between broke –down cruise ships and the passengers. The passenger rights bill adopted by the cruise industry will help to protect the interest of the passengers in case of cruise-ship break down. Passengers are hoping that his bill will provide the necessary protection to the rights of passengers in addressing the issues arising when the cruise ship suffers mechanical failures or any other type of emergencies.

Role Of Senator Charles Schumer
The list of the bill was created by the Cruise Lines International Association, with necessary inputs from member cruise lines. Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York in last march suggested the cruise industry to adopt guarantees which are similar to the passenger bill of rights of airline passengers. The concern about the horrifying and unsafe incidents that had happened within last one year has forced the senator to suggest the need for the passenger bill.  In February the cruise ship “carnival triumph” was caught fire and was left at sea. Later other three ships of carnival cruise lines met with steering issues and mechanical problems. These incidents caused high inconvenience to the passengers. Sometimes the passengers were required to flown home.

What Would You Prefer- Working In The Office Or Working From Home?

Working Home
What Would You Prefer- Working In The Office Or Working From Home? 4.53/5 (90.53%) 19 votes

Working In The Office
Working in the office is not preferred by many because of the strict timings they have to follow. When you are working in an office you have to work according to the rules and regulations of the office. It is not possible to work when you feel like working and avoid work when you are not interested to work. Moreover you have to commute to office and back. Working in an office, helps you to remain connected with the co- workers. You will be able to mingle with lots of people in the workplace or when you are commuting. You cannot enjoy flexible working hours when you are working in an office. You may not get enough time to spend with your family and friends. The responsibilities are more when you are working for a company.

Working From Home
You can create a balance between work and family when you are working from home.

  • There is no need to commute daily and you will be able to save expenses.
  • You will be able to work stress free when you are working from the comfortable environment of your home.
  • You can choose the working hours which are convenient for you.